Seven Tips For Printing Your Marketing Material

Seven Tips For Printing Your Marketing Material

If you are running a small business, chances are, you do not have the employees or the budget that bigger businesses have to embark on a marketing campaign. But fret not because this is not the end of your marketing endeavor. There are plenty of ways to get your name out there, even if it means having to write and submit your own marketing material. Despite the attention given to digital marketing, printed marketing collateral hasn’t lost its relevance. 

Print materials and promotional products are tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful small business marketing plan. Printing is more affordable than ever, which means your marketing budget goes even further. You can get inexpensive 2-sided business cards on high-quality paper, professional signage that grabs attention, and useful promotional products to extend your brand. And many printers offer graphic design services like logo design, making it even easier to present a big-time image on a small-time budget.

Use these suggestions from marketing experts and small business owners to create and make good use of offline marketing materials.


1.    Be consistent

It’s important to use the same design, logo, theme, and colors for all your printed items, including business cards, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, compliment slips and brochures. Branding on printed marketing material should also be consistent with your website.

2.    Branded merchandise

Promote your company with complimentary branded gifts. These could include calendars, diaries, desk pads, and notepads. The great thing about this type of promotional material is that it will always be in view, therefore giving a conscious and a subconscious reminder of your business.

3. Keep it Simple

As excited and proud as you might be about the services and products offered through your business, it is better not to list every single detail. Remember that people have short attention spans and they want to be able to get the gist of the business in a short glance.

4. The Right People for the Right Job

Let designers design and writers write. There is a good reason why they do what they do. Trust their instincts and give them your support. You’ll end up with marketing material that really works.

5. Images are Hot

It is true that pictures speak a thousand words and that doesn’t change when it comes to marketing material. Spend the time to find the right images that convey the right message. People, including your prospective customers, related to pictures so give them good ones.

6.    Add value

Use your marketing material to provide useful information to your audience. This is much more likely to engage the reader. It also means that it’s more likely to be kept, rather than thrown in the rubbish bin.

7.    Personal touch

People love a personal touch. It’s important to sign letters by hand and add handwritten notes to compliment slips.

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